Monday, December 12, 2005

Can't Take That Away From Me

A woman in a local prison had to drop out of the inmate's writing group because she got "written up," meaning she did something wrong. Because of her transgression, we wouldn't be seeing her in the writer's group for several months. I imagine she was denied other freedoms too--like outdoor exercise and smoking rights. But they didn't make her hand over her journal.

In a card, she told me she'd be out of the group for several months but that it was OK. "They can take me out of the Writer's Group," she wrote, "but they can't take writing out of me!"

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CD said...

I'm glad that the prisoners have the opportunity to write with Carol. It really is like therapy, and I can't think of anything else that would open these women up to their feelings the way that writing can.
I have been keeping a journal for years, and have taken a couple of writing courses in the area; but,it wasn't until I took Carol's class that I learned concrete things that truly improved my writing.