Wednesday, October 04, 2006

On the page dreaming

A student gave me a journal that has gold stars on a dark blue cover. It is
unlined--a necessity for me--and small, good for packing and keeping
by the bed. I use it as my dream journal. And now I leave the left side of
the page blank for drawings. I draw and then watercolor a dream image or two
before writing the dream on the right-hand page.
Who can say the pictures are inaccurate?
Not in perspective? It's a dream image.

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Judi Pom said...

Carol--The first thing I did when I sat down at my laptop was jot down last night's dream. Parts of it were still vivid, and the intensity of the dream's emotions lingered. I've kept dream journals in the past,but seeing yours last week inspired me again. I haven't visited your blogspot in a while and was glad to find lots of new entries as well as daily prompts. It will help to visit here when I get stuck. Judi