Friday, March 23, 2007

On the Qatar

Just got back from my four-day teaching residency in Doha, Qatar, in the Persian Gulf.

Sometimes I invite students to get inside a place or an experience by doing a stream of consciousness exercise. Begin by writing one or two words that capture anything about the experience. Keep the pen moving or keys clicking.

To give you some of the flavor of the trip – I’m going to do that exercise now...

Sand storm, wind, blinking lights, abiyas (black dress of women), thobes (white dress of men), roundabouts, fast drivers, Arabic and English signage, construction, cranes, barricades, beautiful hotel, palm trees and water out window, doves cooing, vast atrium, colorful pillows, abstract art on walls, men in suits, military men, walled buildings, stucco walls,, compounds, geometric grille work, oriental rug mosaics on highways, fountains, azure and blue green water, geometric university buildings, no sidewalks, verandahs for cars, vast mall,flat open space, buildings shooting out of the desert, sand, growth, industry, wealth, calm people, tea, spices, men smoking in groups, feral cats...

Instead of a thousand more words, click here for a gallery of photos, some taken by me (sorry, my bad). Enjoy.

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Peggy Payne said...

Wow, Carol. Quatar to Provence. I didn't know you'd hit the road. Very nice.

Also, good stuff on your blog. I'll link to you from mine.