Monday, February 02, 2009

Writing in Real Time, February 2, 2009

Some of my clients arrive with writing they want to read aloud and discuss; with others we work on edited print-outs.

Some show up sheepish. "I didn't get that rewrite done," or "I told myself I'd get to the desk but somehow couldn't this week."

Some show up wanting to write here. I give them a prompt and say, "Go." They write, then read aloud. We pick a gem or a gnarly section or an "I'm not sure about that . . ." and I say, "Go again."

Writers practice their craft, right here in the swivel chair across from mine. I love the energy in the room when they're writing. They work on dialogue, character portraits, point of view, scene, narrative arc and structure--and other stuff. There are "ah ha" moments and "Yikes, really?" moments.

Writing doesn't happen without writing, somebody said--I think William Carols Williams, a doctor who practiced medicine all day and wrote poetry in his spare time.

Ah, that hush: a writer writing, sitting in the morning sun in the swivel chair.

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