Monday, March 16, 2009

Scout's Pace

Nothing like travel to break up routines. I so admire those people who write and exercise no matter where they are--or how disoriented or bad the hangover. I try, in hotels, to use the gym. But I forget my headphones and can't bear the boredom or I go, but only for one day of a five-day trip. I brought my running shoes with me this time and after a full day's work yesterday, I went out for a scout's pace. (I'm not in a hotel.)

I learned about the Scout's pace from my husband. And then, cleaning out one of my parents' bookcases, I found my father's Boy Scout Handbook. In the index, sure enough: Scout's Pace. It's a way to cover a lot of ground fast without getting exhausted--you walk then run then walk again, and so on. Always counting. I did about a mile yesterday. It's a better workout than walking and not as crushing as running.

But as for the daily hour of writing on MY book? I've missed two days. I don't report to my edit job until 9 AM and only have to walk downstairs to the office. There's hot coffee for me by 7AM. I may be immersed in somebody else's book right now, and sleeping in a strange bed in a distant state, but, really, there are no excuses.

Tomorrow morning: 7:30 AM. I'll be at it.

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