Thursday, April 02, 2009

My long legs

I know comparisons are odious but what happened to me? Look at my slender body and glorious long legs. Now, I make Tina look small. Sigh. The vet said I needed to lose 15 percent of my body weight. Thanks, pal. I thought you said you loved cats.
Write about something mean somebody said to you--about your body.

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Kay said...

My long legs are decorated with spider veins, webs of purple that some Arachne wove perversely on my calves, behind my knees, on my thighs, on my ankles.I think I could easily compete with Ray Bradbury's Illustrated Man. I haven't worn a pair of shorts in public for many years, but thanks to my granddaughter, I may rethink that decision.

Recently as I helped my two-year-old granddaughter with her bubble bath, I rolled up my pants legs in a useless attempt to keep my clothing dry as she pushed and patted the water into splashes that spilled over onto the floor. As I stood to help her out of the tub, she pointed to a purple veinous cluster on my leg and said, " That's pretty!" Maria, who loves to draw on herself and who has the uncanny knack for finding the only permanent marker in the bin, was impressed with the artwork on my legs. Maybe I'll get her to add her own sketches and sign them.

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