Monday, September 21, 2009

Back to School List

Prompt: Make a list of supplies you needed for school. Lists can evoke a lot, in so few words.


A new pen, yellow number 2 pencils, and a clean pink eraser.

A new sealed bag of 100 sheets of ruled white paper.

A new small metal pencil sharpener if I'd lost last year's.

New colorful subject dividers for my gray-blue linen-covered three ring notebook.

A new box of sticking three ring hole reinforcers--they looked like Lifesavers but tasted bad.

A new zipper-opening soft plastic pencil case with three holes--it fit neatly in the front of the three ring notebook. (I loved the pinging noise the metal rings made when I opened them.)

New white Keds for gym days. (They smelled like rubber.)

Two pairs of white anklets. (They smelled like starch and bleach.)

A new royal blue gym suit with bloomers. (Did we buy those or rent them from the school each year?)

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