Saturday, March 06, 2010

Reading for Life

I saw this on a student's email signature and had to post it.

A woman in a class this week talked about her six-year-old son saying something to her like, "You're always reading, Mom. Nose in a book."

At the time she was sitting on her couch devouring Mary Karr's The Liar's Club. She read him the part about kids shooting BB guns. He got wide-eyed.

Later, he wanted to hear more from the BB gun book.


Lyn Fairchild Hawks said...

Carol, this video made my day. The kids are so cute and it's a great testament to how the power of new media can loop back to excite kids about old media! Yay for teachers and schools and kids -- and books!

As for the little boy who started to listen: we all want to hear a great story. We can't resist it, in whatever form.


Kirsten Lesko said...

I saw your blog on my friend's blogroll & thought I'd check it out. I love the video you posted! It's moving.

I have a 4 year-old and used to refrain from reading in front of him so I could give him full attention. But then I realized it would be good for him to see me enjoy something so important. Now we read silently together. (Well, he looks at pictures anyway!)