Thursday, July 23, 2009

Writing Prompt, July 23: Listen Up

Write about summer sounds. You might want to start with a line from this poem, from today's
Writer's Almanac:


In the afternoon of summer, sounds
come through the window: a tractor
muttering to itself as it

pivots at the corner of the
hay field, stalled for a moment
as the green row feeds into the baler.

The wind slips a whisper behind
an ear; the noise of the highway
is like the dark green stem of a rose.

From the kitchen the blunt banging
of cupboard doors and wooden chairs
makes a lonely echo in the floor.

Somewhere, between the breeze
and the faraway sound of a train,
comes a line of birdsong, lightly
threading the heavy cloth of dream.

by Joyce Sutphen
Naming the Stars
Holy Cow! Press, 2004

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