Thursday, July 30, 2009

Writing Prompt, July 30: Sickness

I just talked to a friend today who stayed home from work because her daughter is sick--and home from day camp. They are on their way to the pediatrician. I remember getting a call when our daughter got sick at overnight camp. When we went to pick her up, not only did she have a raging throat and a fever, she was also covered in poison ivy.

Write about getting sick in the summer.


Olivia said...

I sure do remember that! Not a pleasant time...

Carol Henderson said...

Remember that friend you had at the camp who washed your one pair of white socks for you every night?--the ones that were covered in poison ivy ooze.

And then you went back to the camp as soon as you were well. The night before we picked you up to come home for good, a gargantuan thunder and lightning storm tore through your camp. We wondered if trees were falling on your flimsy cabin in the woods--and if you got soaked.
"What did you think of that storm last night?"I asked you as you slung your duffle bag into the back of the Subaru.
"Storm?" you said. "What storm?"

Olivia said...

Oh, wow, that's right! That girl was a saint! :)

Carol Henderson said...

Or a weirdo.

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